As a Health Coach, I partner with clients to help and support them in adopting a healthy lifestyle. I focus on identifying changes to promote health and reduce health risks. I provide pragmatic solutions for health and fitness issues to empower those I work with to take charge of their wellbeing.

Through my work I look at the whole person, not just one aspect. My training has comprised the following areas:

  • Understanding the major systems in the body such as the cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory systems;
  • What constitutes a healthy and well balanced diet;
  • How to support food intolerances and digestive problems;
  • Exercise plans for specifics goals – such as weight loss and building muscle; and
  • Sleep optimisation

Through my Diploma in Culinary Medicine I have developed meal plans and recipes to support the body. I have also completed the Herbs for Everyday Living course at the College of Naturopathetic Medicine.

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